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07 August 2011 @ 02:09 pm

Just playing around with the iPhone app. Can't figure out how to delete, unfortunately!

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15 July 2011 @ 06:39 pm

Okay, Emmy awards, we need to talk. The nomination process is long and complicated, and populated with behind the scene lobbying that I can't begin to fathom. I get that! But seriously, how did you miss these? Katey Sagal from Sons of Anarchy and John Noble from Fringe should be front winners to WIN their categories, not completely missing from the nominations!

Lead Actress in a Drama,

MISSING; Katey Sagal.
NOMINATED; Elisabeth Moss Mad Men, Connie Britton Friday Night Lights, Mariska Hargitay Law & Order SVU, Mireille Enos The Killing, Julianna Marguiles The Good Wife, Kathy Bates Harry's Law

I'll give you Kathy Bates, although I don't think Harry's Law requires much "acting" from her. Friday Night Lights never lit my fire, but I get that people love it and it's going away, and Connie Britton was pretty good in 24, as I recall. I love Mireille Enos and Elisabeth Moss, they get to stay. So...HIT THE ROAD, Olivia Benson! Take it personally somewhere else, and give up your spot to a fierce mama lion who deserves it!

Supporting Actor in a Drama,

MISSING: John Noble.
NOMINATED: John Slattery Mad Men, Andre Baugher Men of a Certain Age, Walter Goggins Justified, Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones, Josh Charles The Good Wife, Alan Cumming The Good Wife

For me the supporting categories are more competitive than the leading actors, because all the awesome character actors I loved invariably end up in supporting roles. To me, every one of these actors is deserving, with great performances this year (So far as I know...I've never seen Game of Thrones). This is an easy elimination for me though, HIT THE ROAD, Josh Charles! Your plain vanilla character is no competition for Walter Bishop!

Whew I feel better. Which Emmy noms/snubs made you crazy/happy this year?
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13 October 2010 @ 08:57 pm
New post from moi is up at reflectology.

Would love to hear from you all, even if it's just to bitchslap me for being the worst LJ friend ever ;)
11 August 2010 @ 09:02 pm
I'm tardy to the party, but it IS still Wednesday (where I am, anyway *g*) and I'm posting at reflectology this week. Please drop by if you have the time.

Real life has been especially REAL this week, but I haven't given up on the 30 day meme, and I see I have lots of good stuff to check out on the flist. I feel lucky!
04 August 2010 @ 11:09 pm
Day 19 -- Best t.v show cast



Very tough choice, again. I chose Deadwood for the overall quality of the performances during the run of the show--that dialogue alone is enough to scare away any mediocre actors--and the fact that after the series ended the cast members all went on to stellar careers and now constantly pop up in all my current favorite programs. (Like Lost, where you couldn't throw a fish biscuit without hitting a Deadwood alumni, from Sawyer's baby-mama Cassidy to the Man in Black) The fact that some very attractive people (hello, Timothy Olyphant!) hide their looks under grime, bad lighting and many layers of clothes just emphasized how important acting was for this series.

My second choice, by contrast, was Arrested Development. I think it's easy to underestimate the cast of a comedy series, but this was an amazing group of talented actors. Let's hope the Arrested Development movie works out better than that supposed Deadwood movie.

Day 20 -- Favorite kiss
30 July 2010 @ 11:06 pm
Day 18 -- Favorite title sequence


Who Can Turn The World On With Her Smile?

They don't call them "meme" for nothing, because it's all about me-me (I know that's not how it's really pronounced, but it's just too perfect!) Watching the intro to The Mary Tyler Moore Show - sorry for the subpar quality, btw, it was the best YouTube had to offer -- is like gazing into the looking glass of my childhood.

The MTM show was famously set in Minneapolis, the first series set in flyover country, and for those of us living here watching was a matter of local pride. The show was filmed on a Hollywood sound set, of course, with only some exterior shots done locally, but that was of little importance. This was OUR show. When I was in college I worked at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store in the IDS Crystal Court, where Mary can be seen window shopping and, at :30, riding the escalator. I can not tell you how many times customers would gasp in recognition at seeing that escalator, or how popular it was for souvenir photographs.

Also, I love the song. LOVE it, walk around singing it to myself, often. It's a day brightener.

For this combination of nostalgia and objective greatness, The Mary Tyler Moore Show wins best credits. What will win best tv cast? Tune in tomorrow!

Day 19 -- Best cast
28 July 2010 @ 11:19 pm
Day 17 -- Favorite mini series



I guess "mini-series" isn't really my format of choice, because I am kind of at a loss for this one. It's a format that had it's heyday and is barely heard of now, except for HBO series like Band of Brothers and, well, John Adams, which is my pick.

So what is there to say? I'm a history nerd, and I love unsung character actors, and this has both in spades, LOL. In the scene pictured above, John and Abigail (Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney) are taking a walk in the snow. For those of you who don't have proper winter weather, when it gets cold, and the wind blows, your face turns an angry raw red, and clear water runs from your nose. They clearly filmed out in the cold, long enough to have shiny noses and all.

Day 18 -- Favorite title sequence
27 July 2010 @ 10:38 pm
Day 16 -- Your guilty pleasure show


Here's the thing...I had already mentally written a passionate defense of why Dawson's Creek is my favoritest guilty pleasure. How the show about moody, overly-articulate teens with fantastic clothes, living in breathtakingly beautiful houses on the sea, was NOT just another teen drama. How the love triangle was played in such a way that it was actually cataclysmic when Joey and Pacey betrayed Dawson by falling in love. How the actors involved in the show went on to be nominated for Oscars (Michelle Williams), star in prime time series (Joshua Jackson) and be half of Tom Kat (Katie Holmes. *sad face*). How it is awesome that this show had the least likable title character of all time, but even that didn't matter.

Then I found this, and oh man! LOL. Really, it's all about Pacey.

I love where he's doing a public reading of DC fanfiction.

Day 17 -- Favorite mini series
23 July 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Day 15 -- Favorite Female Character


Photobucket to the manor born,audrey/richard,audrey fforbes-hamiltonbbc,to the manor born,writing,audrey fforbes-hamiltonto the manor born

Yes, I went old school on this one.

So, you might be wondering, WTF? WHERE IS...Dana Scully, Juliet Burke, Lisa Cuddy, Peggy Olson, Deb Morgan...where is every single female character I'd ever mentioned in conversation...WHERE IS SARA TANCREDI? Yeah, I know. I know! I gave this a lot of thought, ran through lots of possibilities, and although the final decision surprised even ME, I know it's the right one.

To The Manor Born, was, depending on where you live, very well known as one of the most popular sitcoms in BBC history, or, if like me you're at the mercy of the US networks, one of those "Best of British Comedy" series your local PBS station cycled through, along with shows like Blackadder and Are You Being Served (and many lesser series, to be sure. But I digress.)

Like so many truly wonderful characters, the difference between "great" and "awful" depends on just the right actor. Audrey is portrayed by the legendary Penelope Keith, and she embodies Audrey to perfection. She plays a woman, a recent widow, who discovers her late husband has bankrupted their estate, and must leave behind her old lifestyle. Every single event in the series springs from this event, but the show is not "about" tragedy or pain, it is only about Audrey. Audrey is vain and pampered, yet kind hearted and loyal. She neither asks for nor wants an ounce of pity, and carries herself with the kind of strength and self determination I would like to see every female character display. She is strong, and refined, and brilliant and witty. She is the single character I would most like to be like, and so she is my choice.

Oh, and the show is a comedy, so it's funny! The humor derives mainly from character, although there are flat out jokes as well. It is set in a charming English village, and the supporting cast is superb as well. It's a program not to be missed.

The run of this show was 21 episodes, from 1979-1981. In 2007 they actually did a reunion show, with the original cast and writers. It wasn't the greatest script, but it was heartwarming to catch up; see what Audrey had been up to for that 25 years that she was off camera. All our favorite fictional people should be treated with such care and respect.

-->GUYS<-- On a personal note. I am now half way through this meme, and I'm tired! I'm going to take the weekend off. I know this matters more to ME than anyone else, but the original challenge I set for myself was to go in 30 days without a break. There's part of me that just wants to keep going, but sometimes you just have to be practical. I think my future posts will be better with a rested brain. Also Mad Men is back on Sunday, and I must set aside enough time for proper flailing!

So on MONDAY...Day 16 -- Guilty Pleasure Show
22 July 2010 @ 09:42 pm
Day 14 -— Favorite male character

This was a tough choice!



I wonder how many people have been turned off watching Dexter after asking "what's it about?".

"It's about a serial killer, but..."

"oh, no, no way."

Dexter IS about a serial killer, named Dexter Morgan, who is also a forensics unit cop, a brother, a man who was so horribly emotionally traumatized as a toddler that he developed became a sociopath to cope with the damage. He's a nerd, a shy, nice guy who brings donuts to his co-workers and flirts with the (much older) property room lady. He's the guy in the back of the room, that you might not notice unless you're looking. He's a vigilante, who craves the power and release his murders gives him. He is one complex guy.

The show has a great cast, unorthodox and diverse, and uses it's steamy Miami locale to full effect, but it would not be possible for it to succeed without an amazing actor to play Dexter, and I can not imagine anyone but Michael C. Hall being that man. Dexter is based on a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay; I've read some and they are okay, kind of clever, but those books only hint at the fully realized creation that Michael C. Hall and the rest of the crew bring to Dexter Morgan.

Michael C. Hall and his hair. *ruffles it*

Something different tomorrow. Someone I've never talked about on LJ before.

Day 15 -- Favorite female character